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        • Phase Selection Closing Circuit Breaker in the Emergency Transformer Short Circuit Test Loop
        • Platform for Withstanding Short-Circuit Capacity Test for EHV Power Transformer
        • Limiting DC Component Resistor in High-Voltage Test Device
        • Bending Test Device for Narrow Side of Bus
        • Controllable Temperature Rising Device for XRD Test Equipment
        • Portable Chlorine Ion Monitoring Sensor
        • Pre-Breaking Current Detecting Device for High-Voltage Circuit Breaker
        • Filter Membrane for Fixing Asbestos Fibre
        • Artificial Physical Link Device for Near Zone Fault
        • Tensile Test Machine with Three Directions
        • Telescopic Pneumatic Isolating Switch
        • Double-Linkage Pneumatic Isolating Switch
        • New Immersion Test Device for Lightning Arrester
        • New Impact Test Device
        • New Internal Fuse Isolation Test Device for High-Voltage Capacitor
        • New Fixed Head Device for Loop Antenna
        • New Durability Verification System for Speed Sensitive Rigid Body Sliding Contact Arterial System
        • New Calibration Device for Torque Wrench Tester
        • New Current Load Box for Pressure Teter Calibration
        • A new type of high voltage and high power impact without inductance resistor
        • A new type of contactor contact structure capable of slowing bouncing
        • A new type of salt solution arrangement for salt spray test
        • A discharge device for high voltage igniting gap
        • A sphere gap switch for synthetic test circuit
        • A manipulator for operating performance test of low voltage apparatus for rotary type operation
        • A suspension antenna and its catenary feeder system for Vehicel radiated immunity test
        • New Test device for Temperature Rise of Bus Duct
        • New Sphere Gap Switch
        • A new type of flat transport vehicle
        • Movable climbing ladder capable of crossing obstacle
        • Movable lifting bracket for thermal cycling test of electric power fittings
        • Test fixture for drawing force of threaded sleeve
        • A new type of switching knife switch device for synthetic circuit reactor
        • Test platform for loss measurement of dry type air core reactor
        • Oil Tank Filter for Breakdown Voltage Test
        • A New Pressure-type Water Level Gauge Based on Ceramic Capacitance Sensor
        • A Forklift Anti-drop Device
        • A kind of separating action distance measuring equipment
        • An Inclining Test Device for Power Distribution Unit and Control Unit in Ships
        • A Unit-bus type Six-Loop Vacuum Electromagnetic Starter for Mining
        • A 500KA Dynamic Thermal Stability Test Loop Device Using Coaxial Cable
        • A new type of auxiliary junction box that is applied for calibrating the tester of DC Resistance of Transformer
        • A New Light Ignition Test Device
        • A Pendulum Type Mechanical Impact Test Device
        • A new type of resistive and bent test equipment for the cold state of heater
        • Overvoltage Composite Protector Capable of Restraining Voltage Build-up Rate for High-Voltage Tests
        • A Movable Simple AC/DC Charging Pile Recharge Socket Interface Test Tooling
        • Busbar Wide-bend Bending Test Device
        • A Simple Vehicle Rolling Device
        Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
        Address: No.5 Qianzhu Road, Yuexi, Wuzhong District, Suzhou 215104, CHINA
        Branch Address: No. 7 Yonghe Street, Binhe Road, New District, Suzhou 215011, CHINA
        Phone: +86-512-69551355
        Email: eservice@eeti.cn
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