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        Low voltage electrical apparatus

        EETI can provide clients with China Compulsory Certification, voluntary certification, CB certification and commissioned test for low-voltage switchgear and control gear, low-voltage fuse, miniature circuit breaker, residual-current circuit breaker, surges protector and various electric apparatus accessories, reactive power compensation devices, compensation controller, cable bridge, cubical substation, DC power supply equipment and assembly accessories, and also undertake quality supervision and inspection, and technical evaluation test tasks authorized by quality supervision department, other administrative departments, and scientific research organization.


        • Detection capability
        • Goods and services in the field
        • Test port – own domestic advanced short-circuit test technique; can provide multi testing ports for different voltage grades, perform short-circuit test items for more than 10 samples simultaneously, and carry out performance test to low-voltage  electric apparatus under full working condition.

          Short circuit test---three-phase 1800V、500kA

          DC: 440V、320kA  12kV,175kA

          Temperature rise test—long term test current 35kA, short time test current 120kA (symmetrical wave)

          Electrical endurance test—can carry out durability test of electrical apparatus, of which when A.C contactor is put in the electrical endurance test under the condition of AC-3, AC-4, while the maximum rated voltage reaching 690V, and the maximum rated current can reach 800A

          Environmental Test – can perform high and low temperature test, humid heat test, salt spray test, IP test upon electric apparatus, and the volume of dust-proof test box is 420m³, which could conduct IP test in the range of IP00-IP68

          Mechanical Test—can perform shock vibration test, impact test, tilt and sway test, pull test, bending test and torsion test

          Sliding contact type bus way test—can do performance test for sliding contact type bus way under the dual operating conditions (voltage, current), the regulating ranges of voltage and current are wide, the test precision and efficicency is high

          Corrosion resistance test---sulfur dioxide accelerated corrosion test for protective layer of metal materials, components and electron device

          UV test---to adopt the xenon arc lamp which can simulate the whole spectrum of sunlight to reproduce the destructive wave in different environments, and can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test for R&D, and quality control of assemblies

          Power harmonic and filtering detection ---- under the condition with harmonic source, to test the suppression harmonic and filtering functions for assemblies with those functions

        Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
        Address: No.5 Qianzhu Road, Yuexi, Wuzhong District, Suzhou 215104, CHINA
        Branch Address: No. 7 Yonghe Street, Binhe Road, New District, Suzhou 215011, CHINA
        Phone: +86-512-69551355
        Email: eservice@eeti.cn
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