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        EETI—Visitors from KEMA DNV GL
        Release time:2016-02-22

        Recently, Mr. Jacob Fonteijne, vice-president of energy business of Holland DNV GL Group and global president of Holland KEMA Laboratory, accompanied by Mr. Luo Yansong, general manager of KEMA China Office, came to visit EETI for technical exchange.

        President of EETI, Prof. Hu Delin and two technological deputy general managers welcomed two international experts, and guided them to look around the testing laboratory of EETI, including New Energy Laboratory, High Voltage Laboratory, and Characteristic Laboratory etc. During the visit, two sides had a broad and in-depth exchange about the test equipment and test capability of EETI. After the site visit, they had a deep and comprehensive informal discussion. The two international counterparts highly praised and affirmed the growth speed, equipment capability and test capacity of EETI, and they thought EETI had already built the large capacity laboratory which deeply shocked the international fraternities. During the meeting, Prof. Hu expressed warmly welcome for two experts’ visit, and communicated with them on many issues of commen concerned with an open mind. At the end, he expected that there would be further and more comprehensive communication between two sides in the future.

        Background chaining:KEMA NV, established in 1927, was a global energy consultancy company headquartered in Arnhem, Netherlands.Itoffered management consulting, technology consulting & services to theenergy value chain that include business and technical consultancy, operational support, measurements & inspection, and testing & certification services.

        On 22 December 2011, DNV acquired 74.3% of KEMA's shares, creating a global consulting and Certification Company with 2300 experts located in over 20 countries.

        On 12 September 2013, DNV and GL merged into DNV GL, becoming the world's leading ship and offshore classification society and a world-leader of independent assurance and expert advisory services. As DNV GL the company will continue to issue KEMA certificates from their laboratories to maintain industry recognition for these trusted documents.


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