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        2018 Meeting of Branch Committee on Standardization of Machine Tool Electrical Apparatus of National Committee on Standardization of Metal-cutting Machine Tool and Also Review Meeting of Standard Was
        Release time:2018-10-26

                On October 22ed-24th, 2018, the 2018 meeting of branch committee on standardization of machine tool electrical apparatus of national committee on standardization of metal-cutting machine tool and also review meeting of standard was held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The people attending the meeting included 34 representatives of 28 units in total, such as the committee members and representatives from the committee on standardization and participating development organizations on standardization, etc. 

                Firstly, Mr. Hudelin, chairman of branch committee on standardization and president of EETI, delivered a speech, largely welcomed leaders, and members and representatives of branch committee on standardization and was sincerely grateful for the persistence of people in five years and strong support of the work of branch committee on standardization and secretariat. He emphasized that machine tool electrical apparatus industry firstly should do its own products well, make its own proper enterprise standard, improve own right of speech and influence by developing and revising standard, especially the enforcement of new standardization law which gave a legal status to the group standard, take the preemptive opportunities and seek the setting point of standard so as to look for opportunities and incorporate itself into the development of the country  by improving its own strength actively under the background of huge national market.        

                The secretariat of branch committee on standardization made a work summary of the previous year and working assumption report for next year of the branch committee on standardization. It made a detailed summary in terms of the aspects of report on standard system, standard development, revision and review work, application and declaration work of standard, branch committee on standardization’s own construction work and existing deficiency, etc., and also proposed ideas and plan for the work of branch committee on standardization in the next year. 

                At the meeting, the secretariat made interactions with committee members and representatives and took people’s advice in the aspect of branch committee on standardization’s work and standard development and revision. Committee members all put forward many ideas and suggestions which the secretariat also recorded one by one and the secretariat concluded these carefully, hoping the work could be done better in the next term.  

                The meeting made discussions about the drafts of three standards which were Operating Reliability Requirements and Test Methods for Machine Tool Electrical Apparatus, Switchgroup for Machine Tools, and Electromagnet for Hydraulic Valve Use. By people’s heated discussions and consistent negotiation, the meeting passed review of drafts of three standards, revised and perfected some problems put forward as soon as possible, formed the drafts for approval and reported to National Technical Committee 22 on Metal Cutting Machine Tools of Standardization Administration of China, and after examined and approved, then reported to relevant departments for examination. 

                Under the common efforts of committee members, the meeting achieved the stated objectives and laid a good foundation for the changing session work in the next year so that the work could go on smoothly.

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