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        EETI 2009 Key customer exchange symposium was solemnly held
        Release time:2019-03-25

                In order to further deepen the cooperation and exchanges between our institute and other relevant enterprises, we widely solicited and listened to the opinions and suggestions for the test and certification projects in 2019, and discussed the scientific and effective customer service plan. EETI 2009 Key Customer Exchange Symposium was solemnly held in Xucheng Hotel on March 22, 2019.

                The symposium attracted great attention from customers. Over 150 enterprise representatives from more than 120 famous electrical manufacturers participated in the meeting.

                President Hu Delin of EETI made an important speech at the meeting and thanked the electrical manufacturing enterprises for their long-term trust and support to our institute. At the same time, he/she said that he/she would continue to increase efforts to improve professional service capabilities, help enterprises solve technical problems and improve product quality.

                Relevant leaders of EETI main business section made a special report at the meeting, gave a brief introduction to the business situation and service level of the previous year, and gave detailed answers and feedback to the key technical issues of customers, which was highly affirmed by the delegates participating in the meeting.

                The symposium concluded smoothly in a pleasant and warm atmosphere of communication. Leaders and guests from Jiangsu Electric Power Company, Jiangsu Electric Appliance Research Institute, Shanghai Electric Power Company and Zhejiang Electric Power Company also attended the symposium.


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