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        With Donations and Efforts & Together with Love --- EETI’s Battle against COVID-19
        Release time:2020-02-24

                The COVID-19 breaks out vigorously, and affects the hearts of the whole nation. Therefore, as an enterprise with a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission, EETI always pays attention to development of the epidemic situation, and tries its best to provide assistance available for prevention and control of COVID-19.

                Hu Delin, Party Secretary and Prsident of EETI, makes overall deployment of our prevention and control of COVID-19 and resumption of work, and makes active response to the government’s call, to assist with the “defense”againstCOVID-19. On February 20, EETI donated RMB 2 million via Red Cross Society of Wuzhong District, to be specially used for the “battle against COVID-19”.

                Over the years, EETI has never stopped its contributions to social welfare. From the love donation to Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, love party membership dues every month, oriented support for needy families, subsidy for sick employees all the year round, continuous sponsorship for public welfare, to the donations and efforts to battle against COVID-19 at present, we EETI people are always making our own efforts.

                The virus is merciless, but EETI is full of love; confronted with COVID-19, there is also a heavy duty on our shoulder. However, there is no winter that is insurmountable, and there is no spring that will not come.

                Go, Wuhan!Go China!!!





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