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             In order to establish a management mechanism for innovative talents, develop recruitment procedures and incentive mechanisms to meet the needs of development, form a talent echelon of different levels and different types and optimize post allocations, the EETI has introduced technical personnel to reinforce and strengthen the testing team, experts from well-known research institutes, and experts in the field of high voltage testing from home and abroad.

              The EETI has established complete technological research and innovation systems for testing services, and had a number of professional, outstanding senior testing technicians. At present, the EETI has more than 1200 employees, with technicians accounting for 85%, including:
        • 60 senior technicians, including 10 researcher-level senior engineers, in power transmission and distribution equipment and high and low-voltage electrical equipment testing, marine electrical equipment, mining electrical equipment, nuclear electrical equipment, automotive electronic and electrical equipment, wind/solar power generation equipment and EMC testing, earthquake resistant test, LED lighting testing, chemical testing, environmental testing, automation, electrical engineering technology, etc.
        •  6 doctors introduced and hired from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and other elite institutes, 65 masters from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University, Wuhan University and other domestic first-class universities, and 7 talents back from overseas universities from University of Newcastle, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, National University of Singapore, etc.
        • 12 international registered senior auditors and auditors
        • 5 registered senior laboratorians and laboratorians
        • 5 national laboratory director-level reviewers and reviewers
        • 8 Members of the Specialized Committee of the Standardization Administration of China
        • 2 senior auditors of the CCAA Quality Management System
        • 8 experts in power transmission and distribution
        • 3 foreign experts of high-voltage experimental equipment
        • 8 experts in the field of seismic resistance, EMC and low voltage
        • 18 CQC factory inspectors and 10 CMIF measuring inspectors
        • 10 CMIF measuring inspectors
        Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
        Address: No.5 Qianzhu Road, Yuexi, Wuzhong District, Suzhou 215104, CHINA
        Branch Address: No. 7 Yonghe Street, Binhe Road, New District, Suzhou 215011, CHINA
        Phone: +86-512-69551355
        Email: eservice@eeti.cn
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